Dennis O'Keeffe

Brisbane, Australia.

Tinkerer. Wannabe founder. Dislikes Australian Internet. Enjoys thrills.

Hi, I am a professional Software Engineer by trade but I prefer the polymath life. Formerly of Culture Amp, UsabilityHub, Present Company and NightGuru.
I am currently working at Visibuild with my friends and tinkering on, Den Dribbles, TheLastWeekIn.Dev, and some other little side projects while recouperating from 301 days of stay-at-home orders.

I also run a number of online newsletters on Rust, Golang, TypeScript ,Python and weekly development.

Outside of dev, I enjoy music production, animation and design. Check out some (unprofessional) attempts on Instagram.

On my downtime, I enjoy reading, climbing, playing the guitar and piano, linguistics and exploring the cafe scene.

Links and other paraphernalia

📚 Den Dribbles • Life blog (mainly dev)📖 • Working in public timeline💻 Developer Weekly • Weekly Dev newsletter🦀 Rusticles • Weekly Rust newsletter💛 Golang Weekly • Weekly Go newsletter👻 The Last Week In TypeScript • Weekly TS newsletter📚 Open Source Notes📐 Design Hobby

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A Practical Look At The "Unknown" Type In Typescript
A Practical Look At The "Unknown" Type In Typescript

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